32118- Mobile Communications and Computing

32118 Mobile Communications and Computing

Assessment task 2: A mid-term quiz during the tutorial of week - 15%
Assessment task 3: Final Exam - 40%

1. Multiple Choice Questions 
2. Shannon Theorem and maths . 
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Possible questions for quiz and final exams !!
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Exercise 1 (Value: 5%)
 NBN ::  4G (LTE-Advanced) or  A Fibre To The Node (FTTN) plus VDSL2 over copper architecture or A Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) model 
Which architecture is best-suited for Australia ?

Exercise 2 (Value: 5%)
1.  principle of frequency reuse 
2. capacity of a cellular system? most commonly used methods 
3.  a system of 70 cells with a cell radius of 1.2 km, a total frequency bandwidth
that supports 675 bi-directional traffic channels, a frequency reuse factor of N = 9, and
TDMA with 8 time slots per frame. Cells are identical hexagons. Each call occupies one
TDMA slot on one bi-directional traffic channel.
(a)area of each cell?, (b)  total geographic coverage area?, (c) How many channels are there per cell?
(d) Total number of simultaneous calls that can be handled?

few more can be found here : http://utsit.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/32118-mobile-communications-and.html

Exercise 3 (Value: 5%)

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